Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Review: Pocket Diaper - Drybees Fleece

Multiple size Heavyweight fleece pocket diaper. I admire this fleece pocket diaper for its breathability and alternative of PUL pocket diaper for night time.
Outer layer: heavyweight fleece from Malden Mill, it has colours selection too
Inner layer: suedecloth

Since it is a pocket diaper, it last max 5 hours on my heavywetter with 2 hemp inserts. Good for night but I am quite bother about the bulkiness. I believe if I leave the diaper unchange at night my dd won't develope rashes as well since this diaper is breathable.
How did I know? It was one tired night whereby I forgot to change her and by the time I realized and checked on the hemp insert - they were wet before but now turn dried! My dd was still wearing it when I checked the inserts. So, the liquid evaporated to show that this diaper in fact is breathable. If you don't believe you can try to check insert in PUL pocket to see the difference.

A good quality pocket diaper comes in S, M and L. It functions like any other PUL pocket diaper plus breathability.

1) Quick drying as insert is seperated
2) Very breathable diaper, good for rashes-prone baby.
3) Very easy to use and wash too.

1) Bulky
2) Longer time to dry than PUL pocket diaper
3) Will be hot for daytime (?)

Because of its bulkiness, I personally don't really like it. Eventhough, I still use it as a backup for night time if I don't have wool cover and fitted on hand.

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 4 out of 5
(reduce the point simply because I personally don't like its bulkiness and it has nothing to do with the function of the diaper!) *wink*

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage

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