Thursday, January 17, 2008

Review: Pocket Diaper - Green Acre Designs (GAD)

Snap type multiple size PUL (Polyurethane laminate) pocket diaper. I love this PUL pocket diaper for its fit and candy colours.
Outer layer: PUL for waterproofness with colours, I specially love the pastel one...
Inner layer: coloured microfleece or suedecloth

Since it is a pocket diaper, normally will last 2-3 hours on my heavywetter with one microfiber insert and one hemp insert. Good for outing but I do use at home too for her nap.

A good quality pocket diaper as though you can expect it to function like any other PUL pocket diaper. The 3-snaps side snapping is getting my interest now as the fit will be so snug and nice. You will be able to adjust the upper snap and lower snap according to the baby's body built:
If the waist is bigger you can snap it on the second or first snap; the same goes to the thigh.
My daughter has bigger tummy but no chubby thigh and therefore the upper snap usually will be the first or the second snap and the lower snap is always the third snap to ensure the thigh area is well snug. That's the wonder of side snapping diaper as you will be able to adjust the fitting.

1) Quick drying as insert is seperated
2) The sizing and fitting snug over baby's bum beautifully
3) Very easy to use... stuff, snap and go!
4) Wins over adjustable waist and leg casing closure

1) Not suitable for long wearing on heavywetter since pocket diaper has limited capacity for inserts

Basically, GAD score full marks for its function as a pocket diaper, it is one sucessful invention and is very handy for emergency or quick usage.

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage


shida said...

yess... true.. just fell in love with GAD pocket diaper recently. now eying for some more side snap diaper. even its fitted, pocket or aio diaper.

but honestly, ive let my caregiver to try used side snap on anis... but once they looked at it, they refuse... so many butang they said... hahaha... wait till they see MT snap... pengsan larr.

so, i send velcro cd to be used at nursery but snap diaper at home (since she already pandai to open the velcro by herself!)

denna said...

nice review sharine..5 of 5 then this is good!!

dewihong said...

Thank you for your review, Sharine. Please review again once you've tried the windpro version :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

shida: aregiver will always prefer velcro, easy for their job! But if you master the snap diaper, it will be fast too...

dewi: no problem...

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