Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Review: All In One (AIO) Nappy - Dream-Ez

Side-snapping multiple size diaper. 100% organic cotton for the inner soaker and PUL for outer layer All-In-One (AIO) diaper. This is also the first AIO I bought due to its trimness. How trim it can be? Comparable with Itti Bitti's diaper. Something similar about this two brand is they are both Made in China.

It last at least 3 hours on my dd. As it is an AIO, don't expect it can last longer on heavywetter. I was not so impress as the PUL layer will leak if wear longer than 3 hours! I alwasy found out my dd's pants was damp or wet. Only use this for outing as it is very convenient to wear, no stuffing required. It has no stay-dry layer but you can add a thin layer of fleece liner if you wish. I don't recommend to add stay-dry doubler as it will be bulky at the crotch area. It looks very uncomfortable to me.

The inner layer that consist of organic cotton is again, very easy to wash and doesn't retain smell. The inner layer only sewn tightly on one side at the back to secure on the PUL cover. Handwash is sufficient but wash together with other CD also is not a big issue.

I bet everyone will be in love with its trimness and L size fit so well on my dd. The wings have 4 snaps (upper and lower) to adjust accordingly. Therefore, the wings are long. Most of the time you will need to slip and fit properly the wing into the front when wearing it on the baby. Bear in mind that this is a low-rise diaper, not bulky and trim enough to pair it with pants. I mean jeans too!

Only 1 issue that I encountered, the leg casing left red marks on my dd's thigh when she wears it on too long. Especially right under the buttock area. Because of this, which means it's very snug - Zero leaking too! But need to check on her more often to avoid the red mark.

1) Very snug fitting, extra trim!
2) Does not retain smell
3) Easy to use, no stuffing required

1) No sewn in fleece liner
2) May need to buy extra as it comes in multiple size
3) Takes longer time to dry and I mean it even takes longer than some fitted diaper
4) PUL is not waterproof as leaking happens

Basically, I love this diaper for its trimness and convenient to use. Some may not like the inner soaker dangling with only one side is being sewn but this is up to you to judge it. It works but maybe because I have a heavywetter, therefore it's not really very lasting to use.

Get it from: Miabambina

Rating: 4 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage


TT said...

I just gave a second hand one of these to my friend, she was complaining about the attached inserts taking a while to dry. lol

PUL is supposed to be waterproof. I'd suggest using a waterproof spray on it if you have any.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Oh yes... it took almost 1 whole SUNNY day from sun rises till sun sets to dry. Your friend is right.

We don't have waterproof spray here yet. :(

lotus said...

Actually not all itti bitti nappies are made in China, only the bitti d'lish, and maybe bitti boos. The others are still made in Australia by WAHM.

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