Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Grown back into M size??

Was wondering why my dd's GAD size L pocket diaper becomes so loose? Tried back size M and she still fit in the largest setting (the most outer snaps) of it! Amazing??!! Not really I suspect she lost some chubby fat around her thigh, perhaps? Waistline still tight... well, not really tight but very fitting in M size.

Now I understand why the OS fit all diaper can last till the child is 3 years old but this really depends on the child's body built from time to time. If I have a child who keep on growing bigger, I think that's another story.

Later, I found out the leg casing elastic of the GAD diaper in fact are getting loose! No wonder the thigh area is so wide even I use the most inner snap. I check back all the diaper stash and I found there are some still with very good leg casing elastic but not all. BG still in great condition even it's the first CD I bought.

So, basically reasons baby can downside:
1) baby already slim down... growing taller
2) bigger size is still big on her
3) elastic loosen and this is true at particular area like leg casing and waistline (this is where you will encounter why there's always leaking issue)


1) Whether stuffing too many inserts can cause the elastic to become loose faster? I stuff one GAD microfiber or large microfiber with GAD hemp in largest setting for pocket diaper.

2) Do you stuff inserts inside pocket diaper to be prepared for use even they are lying inside the cabinet/drawer? And will this contribute to loose elastic at leg casing?


Jess said...

Yes, I stuff my pocket CDs once they are dry... don't think this will loosen the elastic. Bleach and too much detergent will, though ;)

bZbee said...

wringing cd and other fabric e.g lingeries will also cause overly stretched fabric and elasticity...if i handwash my clothes..i make sure not to wring it..just squeeze dry but never wring it...

dewihong said...

This is why I prefer diapers with Medium Long/ ML size, because I need to buy only size S and ML, no need to buy size L. As with size M, babies may not outgrow the waist and thigh setting, but they mostly outgrow the rise before potty-trained. This would pose more problem for boys, who pee to the front, than girls, who pee to the middle/ back.
I agree with bzbee. I notice that almost all my sized diapers which I brought to my parents' home during my two months visit have looser leg casing elastic :( Those diapers were handwashed there. They were line-dried horizontally, so I think should be the wringing that damage the elastic :(
This does not happen to my OS diapers though. Maybe because OS diapers tend to be highly elasticized, so are less likely to be over-stretched.
However, I am surprised that your GAD elastic is looser. GAD use Lastin elastic, which is said the strongest elastic that will outlast the diaper itself.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jess: Never use bleach and very less detergent... think this is not the culprit.

bzbee: I think this is most likely the cause for loose elasticity...

dewi: well, there's not many brand carry medium long. I only have GAD for this particular size and it's true that in fact no need to use size L. I also noticed OS diaper has very good elasticity... especially if I compare BG with GAD, BG's still in very good condition. There's only one of the GAD diaper that has loose elastic nd I think most probably is wringing too much!

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