Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snappi got size??!!

Just read from snappi.co.za that they have size 2 Snappi for toddler. I don't think we have this sell in Malaysia since every Snappi has the same length and size. No wonder I find it so short to fasten on my dd's lampin and it will be too tight if I pull harder.

Snappi looks like a "Y" shape but definitely not those that can be found in TESCO or other hypermarket. They have the look alike hook but not Snappi. I bought before but it's a waste of money since they can't really grip on tightly. If you wish to get it, make sure you see the word "Snappi" printed on. Normally you can get from specialty shop that sell baby's products or online store.

So, back to the topic... if you know any store that carries Snappi size 2 for toddler, do update me. Thanks!
picture courtesy from snappi.co.za


Anonymous said...

Just found size 2 snappis at huckleberrybabyshop (in BC, Canada).

Anonymous said...

contact snappi at www.snappi.co.za and they will refer you to your nearest distributor

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