Monday, December 17, 2007

Review: Fitted Nappy - Baby Greens Growing Greens hemp

This is a OS fitted diaper. It's made of 55% hemp and 45% cotton fleece. Comes with one snap in hemp soaker/doubler for extra absorbency.
This fitted is very trim and fit like a glove. My dd is 11kg now and still able to wear in the largest setting. It is a very thirsty fitted diaper and suitable for heavywetter. Believe me or not... hemp dry faster than bamboo.
I find the elastic at the leg casing is very strong as if I just bought it even after so many washes and stretches.

No changes need for at least 6-8 hours, provided the baby never poo and I'm talking about on a heavywetter toddler. Basically you can't add more boaster as it has no more room to accomodate the extra cloth inside except the slimmest Hemp babies boaster. I folded the hemp boaster and layer it under its original snap in soaker. So, I have additional 1-2 hours before the whole diaper becomes soaking wet. But again, this is optional.

Wash & Care:
Hemp fitted is good to wash in hot but soak in cold. This is the fitted diaper that is hardly to retain smell. The soaker needs more rinse compare to the diaper in order to get rid of the urine smell.
*NOTE: I seldom use baking soda and vinegar on hemp fitted nappy as there's no need for it. I mean I do use but just once or twice a month.

1)Onesize diaper that fit from newborn till potty train. The snap-in soaker can be used as contour for newborn.
2)Very good absorbency
3)100% natural material

1)The Onesize is not really that generous if you can see the comparison with Drybees bamboo fitted on the right of the pic above. So, I have no idea whether it can fit big built baby.
2)Drying time longer than pocket diaper.
3)We still don't have this in Malaysian CD e-store.

Basically, nothing to complain about this diaper except the fit. When I first saw it, I'm doubt whether my dd can wear it since it looks so trim and smaller. It actually can but I think it's going to be the first OS fitted that my dd will outgrown.

You can find Growing Greens Hemp Fitted from and I gave it a rating of 5 in If you wish to buy it let's put some pressure on our local Tiny Tush retailer... yes, we have Tiny Tush locally! :)

Note: The reviews is based solely on my personal usage.

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