Monday, December 3, 2007

Onesize - good or bad?

Many of us think that One-size (OS) diaper is wonderful and it save money. One-size means it can fit from size S, M to L. This is indeed a wonderful creation for cloth diaper and I have to admit I have always opt for OS compare to multiple size.

For example:

OS PUL pocket diaper - Bumgenius, Bumwear, Happy Heiny's

Multiple size pocket diaper - Drybees, GAD, Fuzzi Bunz

As you know I started to use modern cloth diaper when my dd was 12 months old and OS PUL pocket solved her sizing problem as she was then in between size. Meaning M is too small for her and L is too big. Therefore, I have to praise the invention of OS!

Lately, I discover my dd starts to outgrown in OS but still have room to grow in multiple sized diaper. She is in size L or size 2 now. The BG OS that I have looks so worn out even just after a few months of daily usage. We don't have that many to change as I'm not using CD for full time. So, probably I can imagine how worn out it will be when I pass down to my second child in future and probably won't last till my third child (if I have :P). Well, this is just my thought and if anyone of you use it successfully till your 3rd child, don't forget to update me to proof me wrong! Hehe...

With the L size diaper fitted diaper that I have, I still manage to stuff booster in. But never can do this in OS fitted, so this show the sizing of OS really does different in a way than multiple size.

Motherease Sandy's (left) in size 2 looks abit bigger than Drybees OS (right) and in fact Sandy's is much more spacious and roomy than any OS fitted that I have. The same apply to Snuggle Hugz sherpa fitted in size L.


Wai Mun said...

for me, OS better than multisize...
no need to think want to buy which sizes.....can give to baby-in-future..... if not fit later then only search for XL size or XXL side la...Now i try the pocket diaper, later wish to try the fitted diaper n diaper cover..

denna said...

i think i will buy os first then add on..what do you think?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

wai mun: I also think like what you had mentioned. the only thing is noot every brands that claim the diaper will last through potty train is true. It depends on the toddler's body built.

denna: that's the way we all started on but OS on newborn will be very bulky. Some mums told me their baby's bum is higher than the head when they are lying on the bed. I still prefer newborn on lampin with diaper cover coz they outgrown the smaller size diaper very fast (if you happen to invest in multiple sizes diaper).

dewihong said...

Hi, I think I must be the weird one. I prefer two-sized diapers than OS ones, because I found out that two-sized diapers have a better fit. OS usually doesn't fit newborns well (too bulky, I am afraid the diaper may hurt the back), especially small babies, while big babies may outgrow the waist before they reach toddler age, and tall babies may outgrow the rise. Therefore, for a good fit, OS may need to be supplemented by either NB/S or L/XL diapers.
About the saving, for fitted diapers, good quality OS usually cost about USD 20-25, while we can get good quality NB/S/L diapers with USD 10-15, XL diapers usually costs more. There is not much difference between the price of OS pocket and multiple size pocket. If we then need to supplement OS fitted with other diaper, then two-sized system may actually cost less.
This is my personal opinion though..

Peridot&Sapphire said...

dewi, I think I have to agree with you as I also think that 2-sized diapers last longer on the child but the problem is not many brands offer 2-sized.

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