Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Front loaded vs Top loaded washing machine

I'm lucky enough to have different washing machine (WM) for experiment. Front loaded at my house and top loaded at my mum's house... I mean my hometown. DD will be staying here and there from time to time since my parent also keen to take care of her for 1-2 weeks after every 1 or 2 months.

Normally front loaded WM wash throughout and is claimed to be more gentle to the garment and cleaner. Top loaded WM is very common nowadays and it is capable to take in more clothes and powerful too.

I do not know any difference about them until I found out the hemp inserts that I have became so soft after every wash when using top-loaded WM but become hard and stiff when they are wash with front loaded WM. Nothing added to the laundry as I never inform my mum on how to use baking soda or distill vinegar. I guess probably the top loaded WM is such a work-horse and tough in washing or the front loaded is too gentle? Maybe I shall try to wash the CD with top loaded on my own when I'm back to my hometown again with dd.

Oh yes, we do need to wash our WM every now and then. How? Read this post from Miabambina's tips.


Kelly Malloy said...

I like my top loaded washing machine!

Deana E said...

i prefer front loaded..gentle!


Peridot&Sapphire said...

kelly: hi there... thanks for dropping by.. wow! you are mama for 6 boys... salute! And of course I think top loaded WM can help you alot with so many garments from the boys!

denna: my MIL also prefers front loaded as she afraid top loaded will tear the clothes apart... hahaha!

Sandra@miabambina said...

Front loader is consider a HE WM ( High Efficiency)It has the ability to use less water and less energy.
Most of the time it requires a low sud detergent powder.
So make sure you use much less detergent in Front Load WM. And use the FL compatible detergent.
Some mom use a higher water level in FL WM. To avoid any detergent buld up. Repeated occasion of using too less water and too much detergent might cause the CD be stiff and smell or repel urine .
Tips:Once a month run an empty hot water wash cycle with vinegar to keep your machine clean.
FL WM can do a better job removing the additives that are left behinds in other washer. This machine have a quick spin cycle which quickly and effectively removes all water and it will remove detergent and most additive that would left behind as well.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

thanks for the tips Sandra... you are even a household appliances expert! *with full respect*

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