Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This is Snappi, an alternative tool to secure prefold, flats and cloth made nappy. It's a clever invention and it works so well with prefold compare to pin. Snappi is even said to be less danger than the conventional pins that our mother and grandmother were using since you don't have to worry about poking the baby accidentally.

How to use? Just pull or stretch them left, right and down to maximize the flexibility and stretchability. Then on the prefold or flat, hook the left then pull to right to hook on the right. After that, pull down to hook and it is very secure.

Alright, that's the basic instructions I learnt but in reality when I tried to use... I'm new and I can't get a good hook on the cotton flat on my dd. Since I use only cotton muslin which is thin, the sharp edges of the grip in fact cause uncomfortable feel on dd's abdomen. I hooked it on quite firm and the teeth went all the way through the muslin. Then I folded another muslin to be wrapped around her abdomen in order to have thicker area for Snappi to hook on. It looks so messy. Probably Snappi works great with prefold or pre-fitted since they are thicker. Maybe you can share with me your experience with Snappi??

Just look at the gripping teeth, aren't they looks sharp?


denna said... friend from the states reminds me to buy this but to tell you the truth i have no idea how it works..hahaha

Jess said...

I tried to use with the lampin, too but like you mentioned... not good.. lampin too thin to use it with. Plus, my little one keeps trying to take it off and the teeth hurts him..

crystal-ivy said...

I never try to use snappi with lampin and i think i should just for experiment hihihi

Sweetiepie said...

Wow! a new baby stuff creation.I don't think it's suitable for the cold weather country to use lampin...

wHOisBaBy said...

oh sorry, no experience on this though i've heard it at those cloth diaper online sites. i never use prefold from here, only fitted and pocket diapers.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

denna, taty: should try to use this as it is one of the CD's accessories!

jess: that's why... I think maybe with more practise and thicker lampin (i mean prefold) snappi will work wonderfully.

sweetiepie: err... snappi is originated from South Africa and was invented by a FATHER! it's very famous in US and Europe... but they definitely not using it with lampin (flats) unless it's summer time.

anna: yup... most probably it will goes very well with prefold.

snappi said...

Hi, I know Snappi very well. It does not work very well on flanel or very thin muslins. Here in South Africa we use it on terry cloth wich works fine. Then we advise mothers to put a cover over the daper to prevent baby from playing with the Snappi.Can someone tell me what lampin looks like? Is that a standard diaper material or what?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Hi snappi, lampin is the malay language for muslin. It is a loosely woven square white cotton and it's the most common cloth use for diapering baby in Malaysia. But it is not absorbent and one it's wet the whole bum and bedsheet will be wet too.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

I mean lampin is in square shape and it is a loosely woven cotton cloth. We still need to use pin to seure it on baby. It is the most economical diapering item compare to modern cloth diaper and disposable.

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