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Review: Pocket Diaper - Bumwear

A snap type Onesize PUL (Polyurethane laminate) pocket diaper. I love this PUL pocket diaper for its softness... it's just like wearing clothes. I swear!
Outer layer: PUL for waterproofness with prints and colours
Inner layer: coloured microfleece

Expect it to function like any other PUL pocket diaper. Since it is so soft, the PUL layer is thinner. I had encountered dampness on the pocket diaper itself especially around the inner leg casing if my heavywetter wears it more than 2-3 hours, depending on her fluid output too.

Shape & Fit
It is not a very well-shaped diaper as this is the only pocket diaper than will drop and reveal the buttock when my dd runs and plays! I received feedback from my friend who is using on her 1 months old baby boy (who is more than 5kg now) that the fit is not the best too.
Still haven't figure out the reason why it is so... probably the waist is not well snug even I fasten on tighter snap. But you can't snap too tight as it won't be comfortable on the child.
Another thing that I suspect - the heavy insert? (actually is the insert that is full of urine)... more likely this is another factor and therefore have to change them often. Any yet, I still have dropping diaper until my dd got herself out from it bottomless! LOL!

The room for insert is very spacious and I need to press out the extra air in there otherwise... you will feel like the diaper is so... you name it.

One more thing, the snap is difficult to snap on compare to other snap diaper. It took me longer time to wear this one.
TIPS: Try to snap first before wearing on baby like wearing a pant. It works for wriggle little one but still I don't prefer this method as it won't be in place properly either. I have to adjust and readjust... but you can try this tip on your wriggle baby and update me.

1) Onesize diaper
2) Quick drying
3) The softest PUL pocket diaper that I have
4) Very easy to use... stuff, wear and go!

1) Outer layer will be damp or sometimes wet depends on the wetting
2) The shape and the fit is not that good compare with other pocket diaper
3) No top stitch at the back of the diaper, abit messy (Happy Heiny's pocket diaper is another diaper without top stitch)

It is worth to try for bumwear as the issue on the fit is also because of different built from one baby to the other. Only if they can replace the snap with a better type, I think it will be a very popular pocket diaper too.

Get it from: Nice Cloth Diaper

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Note: This review is based solely on my personal usage


Jess said...

How true. I was going to give this an even lower rating.. the fit is really poor and those snaps... huh... but must also admit that the inner layer is very soft indeed.

denna said...

hi..keep on posting about your CD journey. this sure help mom to be like i have problem deciding hahaha

Anonymous said...


firstly, i've to say i've recently discovered ur blog and this is a great blog on cd!

i've been using bumwear on my first daughter since 2006. its my first ever cd. (didn't have much choices back then). i agree on the issue of dropping wings, fittings and snaps issue. also, over time, the beautiful prints fade (i sun-dry my cd). i notice that their quality is not standardised. i bought my bumwear cd stash over a period of time and the quality is different from one cd to another.

however, i still use them on my first daughter and now, also on my second daughter.


Peridot&Sapphire said...

jess: so we have the same review on this one... :)

denna: yes... i know it's tought to decide which one you are going to buy.. they all work great!

niasulaiman: thanks for sharing your experience on Bumwear...

angeline said...

Bumwear is also my very first diaper that i bought for my son as i did not aware that there are a lot of brands in the market until i shop at Mia Bambina.

Totally agree with sharine, jess & niasulaiman.

I use cotton babies insert (the one that comes with BG) for bumwear and after 1 hour, i can feel the dampness on the outer layer. I try to add extra boaster and it doesn't help much either. I don't have this problem with BG & drybees.

I try to strip wash it once every 2 weeks and soak them in hot water and it doesn't help in a great extent. I even emailed to Rita (manufacturer of bumwear) for assistance and her advice is to strip wash and soak in hot water.

I've 4 bumwears and one of the prints has faded as they are dry under the sun. I am really not happy with the quality and on top of that, like what you mums have experienced, i also encountered the difficulty of snapping and it also shows off my son's butt.

I feel like giving up on this brand but it's kinda wasteful if i just chuck them aside as the conditions have not yet worn out.

However, for sure i will not use this on my son when we are out.

KittyCat said...

Nice site you have here, Sharine! Bumwear was also my first CD and I like it very much. It fits very well and doesn't drop even if Lucas runs, climbs or jumps all over the place.

The snaps are easy to put on too - I snap them on with only 1-2 snaps in the left, which fits him well.

Maybe I got the good load off the QC line but Bumwear gets better the longer I use it.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

angeline: me too... never use this one for outing but at home still ok...

kittycat: it's good to know that this one suit Lucas well... at least you found the one work for both of you, worth for the investment then... :)

jocelyn said...

Found this on a google search.

Are you still using with your bumwear? I was pretty happy with mine--I'd noticed the wicking at the legs, which I figured was due to the design of the leg (fleece turns to the outside). And one of the snaps was pulled through from the beginning, but I didn't feel like returning it and it wasn't a snap that I used.

I've used it for a year and the PUL has now failed. I realize some PUL prints are less durable, but this really isn't acceptable for a well-treated (line-dried) pocket. I'm really sad, because I *loved* the dino print.

Hwee Chin said...

We like our Bumwears and found them to be good value for money. I just bought another 2 recently and found the snaps to be better and design improved.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jocelyn: hi... too bad I already sold it. I just couldn't like it more because of the snaps and unproper fit... i have to agree with you at some point this isn't a very good PUL pocket diaper as I also encountered wetness since my baby is a heavywetter. I think maybe the PUL is thinner??

hwee chin: hey, glad to know this one works for your baby... maybe they really improve this time?

Anonymous said...

Hi mommies!!...bumwear diapers have breathable outer layer which is waterproof as well. May be that is the reason for the dampness. Though I havent used one yet but I am planning to buy some as they are breathable and we live in a country with a hot weather. But I am not sure how long they are going to last and how long they are going to serve the purpose of breathablility as well as waterproof diapers.

Anonymous said...

I have bad & good experience with Bumwear pocket nappies.
the waterproof layer came off very easily since first wash.
It happens to particular color and print, so there isn't any quality control for each nappy.

Some are perfect and lasted for 2 years, but some are peeling of PUL since the first wash.

Very disappointed and no confident to buy again because you don't know which piece is good and which piece is bad, it is like trying your luck.

Bumwear has the serious issue with PUL/waterprood lining.

I have wasted money on a few pieces already, all the same problem with waterproof layer.

If someone ask me which diaper brand to avoid, I will just say "Bumwear" because Quality control is not bring addressed. Cutting is different for different batch.

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