Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fitted nappy + wool soaker for daytime & outing

Never tried this combination until recently and all my worries were gone after we went out for almost 3 hours. No leak, no dampness when carrying my heavywetter dd and she looks as happy as before walking around. But the fitted diaper was... phew... soaking wet.

I'm glad that it works plus no compression leakage too. Therefore, instead of PUL diaper cover, right now I have extra option. Believe me, wool is so breathable and I never encounter my dd's butt sweating... which I thought she would... haha... LOL!

Anyway, I think it could be hot if walking under the hot sun. Well... who never sweat under the hot sun? Even we wear cotton shirt will be sweating too. If you think it will be hot just avoid using it at places that you think it's not suitable.

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