Saturday, December 29, 2007

Get to know PUL and its family

PUL is the acronym for Polyurethane laminate. In simple words, derived from polymer family, a synthetic material.

what is it?
Polyster fabric that laminated to a thin film of Polyurethane. Well, I think I got to make some mess to my old stacks of books to look for the chemistry basic learnt in secondary school... LOL!
In short, it is = Polyster + Polyurethanes

Plastics, vinyl, polyster, PUL, nylon, suedeloth, microfleece, polyster fleece... they are all from the same family but appear in different combinations, types and functions. Perhaps someone from chemistry background can give some talks and guides on all these different synthetic that we use in our daily life? I'm longing to know more...

Speaking about recycle, it doesn't stop after you use cloth diapers. Beware that they are alot of cloth-like synthetic around too... we should know how material is created and how they are decomposed even they are not so biodegradable. Afterall, it's knowledge learn, isn't it?

No worry, everyone of us here (who's on cloth) is helping the earth no matter how far you practise about the real frugal living which is the 3R - REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE!

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