Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Go Green Mama

Unbelievable? We have cloth menstrual pad even before the disposable was invented. There are just too messy to use and stink... lots of problem until we have a disposable pad.

You have to trust me, the cloth menstrual pad today is so comfortable to use and stink-no-more! It is even better than disposable because it is good for your health! There are doctors reported that disposable pad somehow contribute to vagina infection and don't you think the increase number of cervical cancer got anything to do with disposable pad? There are minority cases caused by disposable pad and it doesn't mean this is not one of the factors to be left out. Worst if you use tampon which has report of getting toxic shock syndrome. (Google search and read out on this)

from left: Bamboo velour panty liner(orange); Hemp fleece panty liner (darker orange); Bamboo velour regular flow pad (yellow-red till hemp fleece red-white coloured pad); Bamboo velour heavy flow/overnight pad (yellow-red, white & blue colour), Bamboo velour Ultimate II whih is even suitable for postpatrum (pink)

okay, I'm not going lengthy about the benefits... let's concentrate on the usage in our life style.

1) Use it as if you are using your disposable, very simple. Just secure the snap behind the panty and off you go.

2) Change it every 5-8 hours depending on your flow. Surprisingly, it's not stinky like disposable.

3) Rinse and rub them under running water or in a small pail of water.

4) Just soak in water with a bit of detergent. Leave it overnight if you want.

5) Rinse again the next morning before you put them in washing machine.

Simple, isn't it?

Stink and smell?
To be frank, I used for 8 hours before the next change and it didn't smell at all! This is really amazing... even after I wash them and dry under the sun (yes direct sunlight!). They are totally smell fresh when I collected them back from the clothsline.

Another amazing feature... none at all! Just make sure you get the pad in correct size and adjust it properly (you need some skills in doing this by practising). So, no worry and I can wear my white skirt confidently. I wear them to sleep too, so comfy and definitely all "locked" in a pad!

Actually none at all and you will feel like you are not wearing one. How's that? Since it is made of new fabric such as bamboo or hemp or even the all time available cotton, they have super great absorbency without adding any bulkiness. Moreover, they are not chemically made, they are all natural fiber!!!

Next to the skin?
As I mentioned just now, it is so soft and you won't be realizing that you are wearing one. Occasionally, the pad will move to sideway when you are walking or sitting (I bet you have this experience with disposable too, isn't it?) but it's not rough or stiff like the paper or plastic you are wearing. Much more comfortable, dear...

Initial buying will be higher but when you can see it in using disposable pads for 10 or 20 years versus one time buying for approximately RM600... you make the choice. I dare not say cloth menstrual pad will last for 20 or 30 years but to be able to perform for 5 years already worth it!

A little story of mine:
I always have discharge after I delivered my dd one year ago and doctors couldn't find out what's the actual cause of it and I always have it back quite often after threated with medicine either to be taken orally, or applied or inserting. I used disposable panty liner very heavily back then and it seems quite bothering as I think it's not 100% cure yet.

When I first discovered about modern cloth diaper for my dd, I also discovered the cloth mama pad. So, I give it a try and since then I realise I don't need panty liner everyday and my condition improves. Reason? I'm using natural fiber and not chemically plastic pad! That's only when I use bamboo panty liner, not even going on full set. Therefore, I told myself I'm waiting for a day to have a set of cloth menstrul pad and voila! I'm lucky to receive them as my birthday gift.

I can't wait to spread this new findings to everyone, my mum was delighted that I found cloth mentrual pad with ease of use. She's been looking for this all the while because she believes the chemical in disposable pad is the culprit to alot of women illness. Right now even my younger sisters also converted to cloth with my mum together!


1) This set shown above... I got from miabambina, it's an AIO.

2) Local stores that carry cloth menstrual pad:

i) femchoices

- carries HagRag - review from &

- carries Sckoon (the expensive cloth mama pad) - review from

* femchoices has AIO and insert type (e.g: just like CD with insert type)

ii) babyznmom

- carries MT's (Mother's Touch) cloth mama pad

- carries HH's (Happy Heiny's) cloth mama pad

- carries Pleasure Puss from Australia


chanelwong said...

you got from Sandra? I wanted to try the panty liner than later proceed to mamapad...

Any tips which to get?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

yes... I got from sandra but I found there are other stores carrying many types of cloth menstrual pad too. The HagRag receive very good comment in and I just realized we have it in Malaysia too. Also told by Sandra.

It depends on which type of fabric you are looking for. Cotton also not bad for a panty liner but if you love the softness then go for bamboo and so far only sandra carry bamboo fabric pad.

everydayhealy said...

Alright! This is new to me. But I just don't feel like washing blood stained. And, I don't use panti liner everyday! :)

But, it sounds healthy. :)
And, Nice to meet you.

sting said...

interesting.. I learnt something new today.. oh, 1st time here :-)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

healy & siew ting: thanks for dropping by... this is just a sharing to show that we have more choices when comes to feminine item nowadays.

Sandra@miabambina said...

Hi Sharine
Glad that you love the mamapads !
I must agree that the cloth pads are amazing!
for all the moms, just give it a try!
and you wont turn back to disposable anymore!

dewihong said...

What a colourful collection, Sharine. Glad that you enjoy your pads :)

lotus said...

Well great Sharine! :) What a wonderful birthday present!

If you can sew, you can make your own! There are lots of resources on the net (just like making your own nappies).

If you make your own nappies the offcuts can be made into mama pads.

Not sure whether mamapads are for you? If your baby uses cloth nappies, try wearing a spare bamboo booster. It is definitely more comfy... from personal experience! But I haven't had the chance to buy some of my own yet.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

dewi: long time never hear from you! Yes, I must agree that mamapad is so comfortable to use.

lotus: Wow... your idea is amazing by using nappy boaster. And to sew my own? I'm not planning to do this in near future but this is quite practical though my mum also suggested to sew on our own but it's just the material to bring in might cost alot here.

Virginia said...

Hi Sharine, i already have a plan what i should get from my hubby for my next year birthday present. Hhhaha...will be same as you the mamapad.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

virginia: That's a good one!! Haha...

Fem Choices said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for writing about my online store. Tried to find a contact email but couldn't, so I've got to leave this comment!

To show my appreciation I'd like to send you a free cloth pad to try out - can you please contact me -

Your diapering blog is super interesting (I don't have babies yet, but have just bought some bumwear as baby shower gifts)

Fem Choices said...

whoops, sorry, should be

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Wow! Hi... the owner of femchoices, thanks for stopping by my blog. I shall apologize as I never ask your permission to give out your link but I can't keep it to myself when I know there is a wonderful online store that carry lovely mama pad. Opps... I mean menstrual pad. :) Thanks for bringing in natural products for all the ladies in Malaysia.

Jess said...

Now I know what kind of gifts I could ask for for my next birthday heheh...

Kate said...

I use cloth pads and it's fine! I use Happy Heineys though and I think they work pretty great. I do change them a lot more than every 5 hours!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jess: go for it, girl power!

kate: oh yes... it depends on your preference too just like cloth diaper some works very well on some babies but some not. To be frank sometimes I even forgot to change after 8 hours! I'm not enouraging this as for hygienic purpose but you can imagine how comfortable they are untill I totally forgot when I busy! :P

cassy said...

wow, amazing idea ~ can anyone tell me where to get the pantyliner in Malaysia?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

hi cassy, are you from malaysia? you can browse through the M'sian E-store at the left side menu of the blog and most e-store do arry cloth menstrual pads. As for panty liner, you can try eZmotherhood or Miabambina

KittyCat said...

I've been thinking of using this too - thanks for sharing! Nice to know that someone else has a positive experience with this.

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