Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Outdoor Dryer

I was surprised that I found out I have an outdoor dryer! Well, it's not really a dryer, it's an air-conditioner. This is the older version, it is a window through units, not the one that mount on the wall. Yeah... a very old machine that still work today.

This is the look of the traditional air-con from inside the house. Quite old, isn't it? My room has a balcony and that's the place where I line dry the cloth diapers and dd's clothes since the balcony is not big. So, it's mainly reserve for dd's clothes and diaper. The bonus point is the morning sun shines in front of balcony, making it a great place to get direct sunlight too!

Whenever the air-con is switched on, I got hot air at the balcony. So, indirectly, the hot air might help in drying the cloth diapers that I wash at night and I tried to line dry some of them outside the balcony even at night since we switch on air-con for the whole night. Guess what... although it's not 100% dry in the next morning but it's almost 50%-70% dry plus direct sunlight right after that... don't you think it's a nice match??


shooi said...

Wow...this is an ingenious idea! Should consider where i can place the air con unit next time to utilise the "heat".

Peridot&Sapphire said...

yes... and to do our part in order to recycling more... just need to look around and think for the most unbelievable idea you can come up with! haha!

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