Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Washing with Hot Water

Always thought that washing in hot goes with hemp items. Hemp needs to wash in hot before use in order to get rid of the natural oil that cover the insert or fitted diaper. Lately I realized wash in hot an be carried out if the insert or diaper doesn't smell good.

So, when to use hot water to wash? I personally use it when:

1. The insert seems not clean and stink abit after many wash
2. When you realise baby's bum starting to turn red or develope rashes
3. and of course for hemp pre-wash / prior to first use

From No.1 above, I try not to add any baking soda or do any strip wash first. I'll handwash them in hot water (not boiling hot, OK?). After a few rinse with clean water the insert should smell clean. the rinse part you still can use hot or cold water but preferably in hot.

Remember to check with the manufacturere label to see whether the diaper can wash in hot first. Some is not advisable. Bamboo fabric not advisable but I did it this morning since the smell is so strong and it turn out to be soft after washing in hot. Wiill update on the impact if there's any.

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