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Solution for Heavywetter (Night Diapering)?

Came across a few mamas with doubts or headache about using cloth diaper on their heavywetter baby / toddler. Well, I'm also one of them. So, I'm going to share a few possible solutions that I'd gone through here and you may find some your own solution that works for you and the little one too. So, keep on exploring and don't stop after you read my blog.

First of all, let's clarify about some terms used in cloth diapering. I'm not expert but I understand the term in my own word, so what I'm writing here is from a layman explanation. If you have doubts, feel free to ask me or any cloth diapering mama or guru you know.

Insert - normally refers to insert that used in stuffing the pocket diaper. It comes in a few material:
- microfiber
- hemp (very absorbent)
- bamboo (very absorbent)
- wool
- cotton

Boaster - additional insert that added to the pocket diaper or fitted diaper to boast its absorbency. It can be another smaller insert. Made of same material as Insert.

Clock wise from top is cotton babies sock, GAD hemp insert, microfiber insert and normal towel (yes, you can use it as boaster too!)
Note: I like to use cotton babies sock with hemp insert and regular microfiber as boaster and place it in Bummis cover. Alternative of using pocket diaper. This is only suitable for day time if you have heavywetter.

Ok, let's see how...

If you prefer pocket diaper:

1) hemp insert as addition to microfiber insert
-Microfiber absorb liquid fast but hemp store much more liquid than microfiber. So, if you combine them you have better absorbency than microfiber alone.
- My experience with my DD who is a heavy wetter found out this combination can last for max 5 hours. Different baby have different results, so test on your own for confirmation.

2) use 2 hemp insert
- this can be quite bulky and if you don't mind and you can add one small boaster (made of cotton or mirofiber) on top of the hemp which will be the first layer underneath the suedecloth/microfleece of the diaper. Remember microfiber draw the liquid faster. It is also not a problem if you don't add the small boaster.

3) use fleece pocket diaper
- I have one Drybees fleece pocket diaper for night time use. Fleece pocket is a better solution for heavy wetter as fleece is more breathable than PUL. Again I find it's bulky especially if I use No.2 as insert. (Somehow I still use this solution alternate day for my dd)
- the reason is fleece is able to allow the wetness in the insert to evaporate and therefore baby won't soak in wetness for the whole night sleep. I experienced that and when I checked on the hemp insert inside the fleece pocket, it became dry even it was like soaking wet before.

I found out this accidentally as I was about to change DD at one midnight since the hemp were all soaking wet but somehow due to too tired I slept back. By the time I woke up again and checked on her, my finger came out dry from the fleece pocket. How amazing! Therefore, I believe fleece pocket diaper is breathable otherwise the insert will still remain wet inside.

This solution works fine on my DD for 6-7 hours, so you got a good night sleep without checking all the time. Imagine I woke up at 3am every night for 2 months just to change my DD's cloth diaper, I nearly give up!

if you prefer fitted diaper

I would consider this as ultimate solution but you will need a cover for fitted. This is where I ended up now. Fitted diaper is more absorbent that any pocket diaper as the whole body of the diaper is absorbent.

1) Look for absorbent fitted diaper... we have quite a number of choices locally now! Happy Hempy is one good solution for heavywetter, it has opening to stuff insert, it's fitted pocket diaper.
Try to get the sewn in / internal soaker which is made of hemp/bamboo or consists of many layers such as Swaddlebees One Size Organic Velour Fitted or BabyBeehind. You definitely will need snap in / lay in boaster to add the absorbency. BTW, you can always use the hemp insert or little weeds in trifold as boaster in fitted diaper. As for stay dry feeling, use stay-dry doubler.

Example of snap in soaker - this is the Baby Greens Growing Green Hemp fitted

2) Use fleece or wool cover if possible. You still can use PUL cover such as bummis or imse vimse but I found that wool cover or fleece works wonder with fitted diaper. We also have fleece diaper cover locally, wool cover soon to be available.

Some good fitted that we have locally now is BabyBeehind, HappyHempy, Tot Bots and Cute Tooshies! I'm drooling over all of them becuase I'm a lover for fitted diapers! (wish to know more, feel free to browse through the list of online e-store on the left of the blog!!)
Anyhow, fitted diaper may stink if you don't wash well since it's more absorbent meaning it absorb alot more liquid but so far I try they hardly stink at all provided that you rinse once before the actual wash. So, let me know which one is your solution??
Contributors: Dewi, Sandra & Rebecca (thanks ladies, I learn alot from you all)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your diapering blog. Many useful tips that I will surely 'steal' from you hehehe. At the moment, I like fitted diapers for night diapering. Nel

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Hi Nel, go ahead and steal whatever you want.. haha! LOL
just don't forget to update back if you discover new way for heavywetter or night diapering...

LA My Home said...

i wanted to ask - wouldn't it be uncomfortable for the baby since we put so many inserts? they are thick and I see sometime my son walks uncomfortably even with just 1 insert. u know what i mean?


Peridot&Sapphire said...

anna, to be frank it's very uncomfortable but when he/she is sleeping, there's not much movement as compare they are walking. To me, it's ok. You need to observe and experience with how many insert to be used and also your child's reaction.
My gal refused CD before and will run away when she saws I took CD. That time I used back muslin (lampin). I ended up using fitted which is more absorbent compare to pocket diaper coz no need to put insert.

lotusutol said...

When using fitteds, if you find that there is too much boosting inside the nappy until cannot close or uncomfortable for baby, try putting the booster OUTSIDE the fitted nappy, but still within the cover.

THat means put the fitted with some boosting on the baby, then an additional booster in between the fitted and the cover.

This will give you additional absorbancy, yet the nappy itself will not be too big to close/snap.

Bamboo is a great overall material as the liquid it hold does not squeeze out as easily, unlike microfibre. But you're right, microfibre + hemp/bambo is good cos when the liquid is squeezed out of the microfibre (due to baby's weight) it will be absorbed by the hemp/bamboo.

Have fun learning! I learn from others too and love to share

=) Rebecca

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Lotus: that's a brilliant idea!!! Never thought of this method... thanks for sharing the tips! Yup, I also love to share and learn from others. Hope to learn from each other on whoever that dropped by my blog, I really appreciate your input.

KittyCat said...

This is a great post coz Lucas is a heavywetter. I would like to try 100% cloth diapering but as $$$ is tight, I want to make the RIGHT choices.

Hope to catch up with you online or in Penang! I'll have so many questions. My MSN ID is

SOHO Mama said...

During my first week of cloth diapering i was only comfortable with pockets so used that at night. But then it leaked! Thanks to advice from other mamas, I added hemp insert (with microfiber). Works! Now that Armand is bigger and pee more, i sometimes add Zuleyka's smaller-sized lampin as booster too..a bit bulky but like u said, sleeping so not much movement.
I used to be scared of using fitteds esp at night, not enough research so thot that it'll be sopping wet. Only then I found out that most have microfleece surface, so baby still feels dry. If i use thirsties fitted, I add doubler outside, like how Bec recommended. SOmetimes use hemp outside Ella's House & Bella Bottoms too. If Babybeehinds, i just stick with their boosters but i use fleece liner..

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