Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wool Soaker for Younger Babies?

I've been wondering whether wool diaper cover is suitable for young babies who is still not yet able to turn?

As we all know wool is very breathable and it's a great solution for heavywetter as it can evaporate moisture. I think this is refer to babies who is able to turn while sleeping. Otherwise, how to overcome the compression issue?? Hmm... newborn or younger babies they sleep or sit in the same place for longer time such as in the car seat. Isn't this will cause compression and the seat will be wet?

Can anyone share on issues encountered when using wool diaper cover on newborn or young infant?


farrahar said...

sharine, have you found the answer to this? care to share? thanks.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Sorry, no idea... maybe let's wait for Deanna or Joyce to try out first since both of them get the wool over for their newborn.

farrahar said...

yaa let's wait :)

miromurr said...

I'm replying to an old post here, but I'll still tell that we encountered no particular problems with wool covers on our newborn.

Anonymous said...

Another reply to an old post-we've been using both wool and PUL covers since our son was born in January. We've only had leaks and heat rash with the PUL-neither of these problems with wool.

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