Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Still want to buy...

I really wish... and really long... to buy more cloth diapers. Even I told myself this will be my last purchase each time I placed an order but seems like the buying will be never ending. DH has been not happy with my spending lately as I seems like I want everything I saw!

Well, this is simply not healthy but this is the proof of any cloth diapers addict mama, true or not Sandra & Christene?

My next plan purchase will be Happy Hempy, Tot Bots & Baby Beehind. Yes, they are fitted diaper as I really in love with them now. But I have no idea when actually I will buy since I'm on tight budget too. Hehehe... I wish to get DH to carry back from US, so that I can save on shipping cost. The Happy Hempy & Heiny Huggers fitted diaper are on sale at US online store. The timing is not right as I don't think it will delivered on time because DH will be back in a few days time. So, I never place any order. Perhaps, next time. *Sigh*

Picture courtesy of Happy Heiny ~


wHOisBaBy said...

ya me too! want to keep buying more and more. i bought 3 more BG this past week. arrived yesterday.

Sandra@miabambina said...

both happy hempy and heiny's hugger can be found in Malaysia online stores.
And personally I think if we support local Malaysian online store selling cloth diapers , it will give more chance for us to grow and add more to our collection and that's mean local moms will have more option available locally :)

pumpkin said...

yes, i've caught the bug too! waiting for my blueberry minky os and printed os. not sure if minky is too hot for malaysian weather though...?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

anna: true... still wish to add more into current stash... I think u can opt for the e-store sales in US, they normalyy offer great bargain!

sandra: I know but no XL for Happy Hempy, got to preorder. If my DH never go to US then I sure buy locally.

pumpkin: hi! thanks for dropping by... Are you in KL too? you order minkee fitted or AIO? If it has PUL then it maybe hot. But also it depends on ur baby. My dd is heat sensitive, so I try to avoid PUL material.

lotus said...

Minkee is very nice to touch, for the adult who is changing the nappy and carrying the baby who wears it :)

bZbee said...

u should try the heiny huggers...i like it...soft n fluffy n absorbant too

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