Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PUL Pocket Diaper

Alright, I wanted to start talking about diapers and nappies. Especially the type and material. I'll start with PUL pocket diaper.

I only have 5 PUL pocket diapers - 2 One size BumGenius (BG) , 1 medium long GAD and 2 large GAD. I was first introduced using Drybees (DB) but that time dd was having some fit issues with the diaper. Then later found out dd was in between size. M is too small for her and L is too big! I started to cloth diapering when dd was 12 months old. So, from that experience I never trust diaper with estimated baby weight as measurement. I always ask for the actual measurement of the diaper before I purchase.

So, BG has the greatest fit so I'm happy of having BG as it's great for outing as don't have to worry about the diaper gets wet. Then, I tried on GAD, this is another great fit pocket diaper but it's multi-size, not one size. To be frank, I never have any DB pocket diaper regardless of how cute the print is ,... except one fleece pocket diaper.

From top: Large white GAD with pink suedecloth; Medium long Aqua GAD with light blue sudecloth; Butternut BG and Light Blue DB fleece pocket diaper.

PUL cover is not meant for every baby. At least I know it’s not suitable for my gal especially wearing for long hours such as overnight. Yes, PUL is hot if the baby got heat sensitive. So, when I got BG and GAD, I found out they are not the solution for my heavy wetter and she keeps on having rashes if I use PUL overnight/ long hour. Plus pocket diaper will never enough for heavywetter as the inserts won't be enough to stuff in limited space opening. If you stuff 1 microfiber and 1 GAD hemp, both in large setting, probably can last for 3-5 hours on a toddler.
And again, find the best solution for your baby and your own lifestyle. Some baby is alright with PUL but some are not. I only use PUL when going out with dd and also for her nap time. Never and swear not to use it for night diapering since then.
There are other types of inserts which claimed to be very absorbent such as Hemp Stuffins from Happy Heinys and KND SuperDo Prewashed Inserts for Heavy Wetters and Overnight. I never try them but I hope one day I'll get enough budget to buy and test. Oh yes, I can't help trying so many types of inserts out there...


Wen said...

wah they are so nice and sweet in color.. but too bad and thankful at the same time my kids dont use anymore, hehehe

bZbee said...

yeah..i agree...my DD also can't wear PUL at night..prefer non PUL...btw, wow...so many ball or yarns...can last a longtime..i can imagine your dh shopping for you..hehe

Peridot&Sapphire said...

wen: this is simply addicted but u lucky no need to use diaper anymore unless you wish for no.3??

bzbee: not my DH shopped for me. I ordered online paid online and they just sent to the hotel when DH was staying when he's in US... tha's it. He can't shop for me one, if let him shop he will tell me not to buy!

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