Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Here start the journey...

I have always wanted to post something about modern cloth diaper. I'm addicted like other mums but I'm not so fancy about the cute prints or "Oh! Looks how cute the nappy on baby's bum!" statement. I'm interested on how to use, how to care, how to adjust for our tropical lifestyle and most importantly how to include this in my very own life style. I'm sharing this out as a story, my experiences and my views on cloth diapers. I don't want to mislead people nor advertising for the nappy company. No, I created this blog simply because I just want to share and i want to tell you how much I'm in love with modern cloth diapers. It begins with my dear daughter who is going to be 17 months old soon.

In my society, we are all brought up using lampin, which is similar to muslin. A loosely woven cotton square/flat which normally needs at least 3 dozens for a new born. Everyone here is doing the same thing and lampin is the most economical solution. A lot of washing and changing work involced. Baby will cry as soon as he or she pee or poo. The more easier way out is no other than disposable diaper. The hot topic about dispo is which brand is the best, which one is more value for the money and etc.

I thought after my dd grows older, she will require less changing of lampin and I was right for half... yes, less changing but she has more volume when getting older and lampin seems like not enough to hold the volume as it always wet the floor. I also fpund out DD was playing her "water" with her hands! Secondly, dd is wringle much more compare to her younger age and when she is able to crawl, putting her on lampin seems like an impossible work. Pins cannot be used as it's too dangerous on baby always on the move... my mother invented the aplix rubber belt to hold the lampin but it's just a temporarily solution for a few months. Since dd output volume increase with age, once she pee the lampin also drop as it's too heavy to stay in place.

Ok... let's change to disposable, it can hold up nicely in the diaper without leak. True enough but she developed diaper rash. Well, this can be treated by changing back to lampin & diaper rash cream. So, back to square one. At night, dd definitely must be on dispo as this will make life easier for mummy and baby. Baby will sleeps soundly and mummy can get more rest at night. As for conveniency, yes dispo wins. Lampin at night? Will even make the hectic life horrible.

Potty train... yes, that comes in my mind when dd was 9 months old. We are still struggling with this even today. DD knows when she wants to pee but she seldom show us signal that she wants to loo. At the end, she did! But after she finished her "business"... her poo time is even terrible. She send signals that she's goiong to poo from her facial expression but when given a potty or bring her to restroom, she will quickly run away screaming like hell! Is it so scary to sit on the potty or go to the restroom? Maybe it's just not the right time yet. There were countless times, dd poo abit on each new and clean dispo that I just wear on her every night!!! Feel so wasted on the money because there is no pee.

At one time, I was so tired and stick to using dispo for quite a while until I notice a strong chemical smell from the dispo after changed it from dd. I don't like the smell as it's just too chemical (probably toxic) to baby's health. There was one suppose to be a very good brand of dispo but to my surprise, the gel in the diaper melted and attached to dd's belly like glue, sticky and yucks!! It's already proven the chemical contain in the diaper make nothing good to human but what choice do we have except changing brands from time to time? We are using it on newborn baby and toddler probably at least 1-2 years? I can't wait to potty train my dd sooner but I guess I'm not the lucky one.

Then, I came to know a cloth diaper e-store in Malaysia. I was wondering how this all can work (especially cloth diapering at night!) and I don't mind trying as long as it can help to solve my dd's problem. Yes, this is the answer to most of my diapering problems. I wish I know this earlier. But in Malaysia, this is yet a new trend and not many will consider as it is an expensive investment at the initial stage. My intention is very simple, I wish to get rid of all dispo that I'm using at night and outing on my dd. I can consider already a half cloth diaper user as I still maintain to use lampin before I got to know the modern cloth diaper. Right now, I have modern cloth diaper specially for dd's night time, naps and outing. Yes, I mix them and use everyday now. I personally think it's good to use it full time but not really necessary as I already have lampin too. Moreover, I'm interested in exploring the many choices and usage of each and other modern diapers available. So, buying in smaller quantity seems alright on tighter budget. Well, this is just my way.

Oh... I never give up on potty train my dd. I hope that she will learn to understand it sooner and I can't wait to get her cloth training pants instead of cloth diaper. And yet, I'm still going strong with cloth diapering choices... perhaps for the preparation of my future little one...

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