Thursday, October 18, 2007

Misleading information on Motherhood magazine!

I feel bad after reading the article because there are lots of misleading information about using cloth diaper. I was in a newspaper stall during lunch time to browse about latest magazines and was attracked by the title on this month Motherhood cover page (Singapore mag). The reading displayed as "Cloth vs Disposable". I can't wait to flipped through the page right away, hoping to see some new information reveal about modern cloth diaper.

It compares between a few factors on Cloth vs Disposable, namely, Convenient, Cost, Hygience, Diaper Rash,... and others but I forgot. I was hoping to see some report on modern cloth diaper or maybe some pictures of lampin/muslin or modern cloth nappies. To my surprise only picture of a baby with disposable diaper.

The article mentioned about nowadays cloth diaper comes with velcro or diaper cover with velro which make changing cloth diaper more easy and convenient. I believe it refers to the modern cloth diaper but when comes to the factors of Hygiene and Diaper Rash, the way the information conveyed as if disposable is better if compare to using cloth. This is because cloth diaper may have washing issues whereby if not clean enough baby will develope rashes and if prolong never wash the diaper, it will have germs growing on the cloth diaper. This is true but how come it never mention using disposable too long also can cause baby develope rashes due to lack of breathability? Even disposable accumulate more germs in the gel as it cannot be wash away and worst part is it's chemically made which will cause landfill to our earth?? And yes disposable is use then throw method but disposable is toxic! Why it never mention??

Oh yes, just remember another factor on drying. It stated cloth won't dry fast if it's raining and as for the cost it pulled out the cost of water and electricity that use to wash cloth diaper. Comparatively, using cloth is not really save big bucks. Well, I would say you can always dry the cloth diaper in an air-con room or worst case under ceiling fan, that's how we dry our clothing if rain, isn't it? Better still you can always add more cloth diaper to your stash. There are debates on costing between using cloth diaper & disposable online. I think the cost used to produce disposable diaper is far way too high than the water and electricity used to wash the reusable diaper.

I read quickly just now as it already passed my lunch hour. I hope to read more but overall I think the information still lead people to think disposable is better and more convenient. No doubt disposable wins for its conveniency. Before I return the magazine to the shelf then I only saw on top of the article stated "brought to you by Pampers"! No wonder...


bZbee said...

No's all money if it comes to advertising big...of course the magazine needs it too..and this is terrible news...

Sandra@miabambina said...

sharine, which issue of the motherhood is this?
this is not the first time i read from a local source when they do comparison, seems like dispo is still the winner.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

bzbee: ya... so sad that they didn't show any pic of modern cloth nappy

sandra: I think should be last mont (Oct 07) motherhood magazine (singapore edition). Dispo wins in conveniency and which parent is not lazy? Hahaha... just common sense (I'm also one of them)

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