Thursday, October 11, 2007

More wash for greater absorbency

This is very true for fitted diaper. Since fitted diaper is made up of only fabric, (some may have some polyster mix) mostly the fabric is either cotton terry, hemp or bamboo. It need to be pre-wash at least 3-5 times before the diaper can reach its maximum absorbency.

I have sherpa fitted diaper, cotton fitted, bamboo fitted and newly added a hemp fitted. Hemp is supposed to be the most absorbent material and I had washed it for 4 times but I think that's not the peak of its absorbency yet. I read somewhere some fittef diaper need at least 10 times wash before you get what is expected. Oh yes... that 10x is refer to Tot Bots Bamboozle. Will be having Tot Bots in Malaysia soon!

As I have a heavy wetter dd, sherpa and cotton only can be used as daytime diaper unless I add boaster. I noticed my bamboo, which is Drybees Onesize Bamboo fitted perform better than the first month I newly use. It's much more absorbent now and if I don't add any additional boaster, using only the bamboo soaker that comes with it, can last for 6-7 hours at night.

The additional two that I addded to my stash is Baby Greens hemp fitted and Motherease(ME) Sandy's. Baby Greens is a one size (OS) fitted which can be used from birth till potty train while ME Sandy's that I have is a size 2. Sandy's is much more bigger than Baby Greens and claimed to hold 15oz of liquid. Sounds good to a heavywetter yeah... Since Baby Greens is made of hemp material, it shrink abit after wash and make it looks even smaller.

Washed Sandy's 3 times and still monitoring its absorbency. Sandy's is roomy enough for me to add boster for night time use. I think it still need a few more wash to get to its max. I used Baby Greens on dd for 2 hours plus after I go back from work coz I know it still unable to be used at night. Hemp material needs even more washing. Right now it only can hold 2 pee before the whole diaper was wet. Last night I encountered it was wet even with just 1 pee and dd was wearing with its hemp snap in soaker. Still got lots of washing to do...

While waiting for several wash before the diaper can reach its max absorbency, use them as day time diaper.

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